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History of Elizabeth's Cake Supplies

Elizabeth Wilcox has done something that most people only dream of. She has turned her hobby into a business, and a successful one at that. After taking a decorating class and realizing the frustration of not finding cake supplies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Elizabeth’s Cake Supplies was born.

Originally opening in 1972 in Bedford, Elizabeth’s Cake Supplies were just that – Elizabeth’s stock of cake supplies, which she sold or rented to other decorators. Elizabeth has had 2 other locations after she left Bedford, before moving into her own building in 1978, located at 112 South Ector Drive in Euless. 

Family ownership is one thing that hasn’t changed over the years: Elizabeth’s daughters Jackie & Wanda have been in business with their mother for years. In 1975, when Jackie was only 14, Jackie and Elizabeth took a master cake decorating class together at Wilton in Chicago, and the next year they took another class at Country Kitchen in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In the year 2005 Jackie left the business to move to the country.

When her daughter Jackie entered the business with Elizabeth, Elizabeth’s Cake Supplies began catering weddings: making the cakes, mints, punch, arranging the flowers, and supplying the brass equipment for the auditorium as well as crystal, plates, pillars, fountains, silverware, table coverings and napkins.

Knowing the trouble it takes to prepare the perfect wedding cakes and decorations, Elizabeth’s Cake Supplies keeps large quantity of wedding ornaments and supplies on hand, so her customers get exactly what they want.

Far from only supplying for weddings, Elizabeth’s Cake Supplies is bursting with supplies for making every sort of cake imaginable, as well as candy supplies, books and pamphlets, colorings, flavorings, pastes and molds. 

For many years, Elizabeth has been offering courses on Cake Decorating, a service that she continues to this day.

More recently, Elizabeth’s Cake Supplies has established an online presence as a supplier of rubber mint molds to people outside of the DFW metroplex, as well as to those who have been trusting Elizabeth to supply for their baking needs for years.


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